What We Believe

We believe Christ freed us from the penalty and power of sin. We are free to live a life that is obedient to God’s word and all God would have us to do and be as individuals. In this freedom, differences of opinion in matters of interpretation, doctrine, and practice within the context of biblical guidelines and historical Christianity can be allowed and appreciated.

At Hope Center, we are committed to the nonnegotiable truths in Scripture but allow the freedom to differ regarding particular practices in those things less clearly defined.

We believe the Bible is God’s letter to mankind and is the final, inerrant, and infallible authority for Christian beliefs and lifestyle.

We believe that God identified Himself with all men in the person of Jesus Christ who proved He was God by His miraculous conception, His total humanity, by His birth from the virgin Mary and ultimately by His miraculous resurrection from the dead.

We believe
God wants people to know Him personally and experience meaningful life now and forever. However, man has been separated from God by disobeying God’s word. Christ’s life, death, and resurrection provide a way for man to be reunited with God. If man repents of his disobedience and receives Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, then his relationship with God is restored.

We believe the Holy Spirit, who is equally God with the Father and Son, provides the energy and power for living the Christian life. The Holy Spirit gives direction to the church’s goals and supplies the gifts needed by the church and its members to serve Christ in the world.

We believe that every believer who identifies himself or herself with the church body should become an active participant in its work by discovering, developing, and using their individual spiritual gifts and natural talents.

We believe that the voluntary practice of the tithe or offering is an act of worship and a way God calls believers to invest their finances in His ministry through the church.